Mile Stone
■ 1987 ULTMOST TECHNOLOGY was Established in Taipei, Taiwan
1989 Sold over One Million (1,000,000)pcs of Patented Talking Calculators Worldwide
■ 1992 Established the World’s No.1 as a Leadership Position in Talking Products
1997 Developed the World’s First Super VCD (Patented)
■ 1999 Manufactured Stylish and High Quality Aluminum Die-cast Speakers
2000 Started DVD Loader Production and Marketed it all over the World under FUSS Brand. Became a Primary Supplier in the Industry
■ 2001 Sold over 100 Million pcs of Talking Products
2003 Became One of the Largest DVD Loader Supplier in China with 25% of the World’s Market Share
■ 2003 Developed the World’s Most Elegant 8CM CD/MP3 Player
2004 Started the Development of Large Size LCoS Projection TV
■ 2004 Started the Sale of Portable DVD Player
2005 Started the Development of Main Components (OPU, Optical Lens, etc) of LCoS Project TV
■ 2006 Became a Leader in PDVD/DVBT Player Market
2006 Started the Production of Main Components (OPU, Optical Lens, etc) of LCoS Project TV.
■ 2007 Started the Sale of LCoS Projection TV and LCD TV
2008 Developed LCoS 1080P Full HD Home Theater Projection Equipment with SONY
■ 2009 Developed LCoS 1080P Full HD Projection Equipment Using State-of-the-art 3-Panel SXRD LCoS Technology from SONY
2009 Established China Domestic Sales Group. Sold Self-Manufactured Audio/Video Products under FUSS Brand. Sold Self-Manufactured Electronic Unique Products and Giftware under OVO Brand. Introduced into China Domestic Market Self-Manufactured Products that have been Immensely Popular all over the World. Brought Convenience to the Life of Chinese Population
■ 2009 Opened the First FUSS/OVO Digital Lifestyle Store
2009 Developed the World’s First XGA (1024x768) Mini Projector
■ 2010 Developed Media Tablets, LCoS Whiteboard TV, & TV Wall Extending the business into the Educational Equipment Market
2011 Fuss brand Interactive Whiteboard Computer TV & Short Focal Length Projector are short listed to “Class Access” project of China National Center for Educational Technology

2012-2015 Developed more than 30 models of Multimedia LED Mini Projectors in catering for different market needs and become top player of the industry.
2015 Started the development of the Ultra-Short-Throw Optical Engine for Screenless TV (also called Projective TV) - a future digital entertainment product destined to be popular.
2016 Complete the development of the World Shortest Throw Ratio (0.2:1) Optical Engine and launch the World Shortest Throw LED Projector - CasTV, A Super-short Throw Projector & a 100" Plus Smart TV.